Welding for Hobby

There’s a latest update to this below welding hobby endeavor, please see this post for the latest development on this topic.


So, I have developed a new passion to learning Welding.  Primarily for my hobby related projects such as stuff around the house, building add-ons for my Jeep, servicing my Antenna Tower should there arise a need to fix broken rungs on it, etc. This has been going on since last fall, and have been exploring quite a bit… watching several YT videos, reading up on things, visiting several nearby welding stores to ask questions, etc.

I finally bit the bullet this last Sunday (May 20th 2017) and went and purchased some basic gear/tools required to get into welding.  It is my hope that I will learn more about this skillset and build a few useful projects around the house.  And, hopefully teach my daughter and son a few of my learnings should they have a use of it to build/fabricate projects etc.

I have a handful of projects I would like to kick off right off the bat:

  1. Welding table – no larger than 6×4′ that can not only serve as a welding table, but also as a one-stop cart for all things welding related. such as vise, brackets and shelves to hold tools.  Wheels to move around the garage or my workshop area.
  2. Custom stand for our Big Green Egg
  3. Custom off-road trailer for my Jeep (perhaps modding a military M416 or M1101 trailers – pictures below).  A much larger aspiration project, but, doable once I gain some experience welding and Lord willing.
  4. Custom carriers for my yard Golf-cart

But, as they say, “crawl, walk, run”. I intend to keep these welding pages up to date as I learn more.  Please also follow my YouTube channel for videos on this topic/taglines.


First Step (Gear Acquisition) Pictures:


YouTube videos: